Causes of weak potency in men prevention and treatment

Causes of weak potency in men prevention and treatment


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Causes of weak potency in men Levitra discounts: prevention cialis generic name and treatment

What to do with a decrease in potency sildenafil citrate and desire, the development of problems with potency in heart disease, mental disorders and an unhealthy lifestyle.

Physical activity

Hypodynamia and lack of sports activities.

If most of life is associated with sedentary work, and there is no sports training, blood stasis invariably forms in the pelvic organs. With such a pathology, full potency is impossible..


Weak potency may be the result of an unhealthy diet:

fatty meats, mayonnaise, animal fats – increase cholesterol and the risk of atherosclerosis;


fast-foot and sausages – contain carcinogens that weaken the reproductive system;

sugary carbonated drinks – an abundance of sugar threatens obesity and diabetes.

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Toxins contained is generic cialis available in the usa in soda poison the body;

lack of vitamins in the diet – lack of the required amount of vegetables, fruits, nuts best place to buy levitra and cereals, leads to beriberi, lack of energy and reduced potency.

bad habits

alcoholic drinks. Alcohol, in uncontrolled doses, destroys all the internal organs of the body. In the sexual sphere, abuse leads to the extinction of libido and impotence;

nicotine addiction Smoking negatively affects the elasticity and conductivity of blood vessels. The result is a weak erectile function buy kamagra jelly online of a man;

weak sexual activity. The lack of regular intimate relationships adversely affects men’s health. Prolonged abstinence can provoke prostatitis and erectile dysfunction.

The abundance of “chemistry” and poisons in everyday life belongs to the same category of factors that adversely affect health. Systematic intoxication affects all body systems and leads to erectile dysfunction.

Recovery and treatment

With a systematic manifestation of erectile dysfunction, you should not go to the pharmacy try generic cialis for potency stimulants.

Self-diagnosis and treatment will not lead to a positive result..

What should be done? First of all, it is necessary to change the way of life, the foundations of which will be:

proper nutrition. Eliminate junk food, and enrich the diet with healthy foods;

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systematic physical activity. Do exercises daily, and work out in the pool or gym twice a week;

sexual activity. Establish a regular buy cialis 20mg in australia intimate life;

vitamins and minerals. Buy vitamin and mineral complexes designed specifically to form;

rejection of bad habits.

For information on how to choose the right diet that promotes men’s health, see the video below:

the next levitra buy us step should be a visit to an andrologist.

If the decrease in potency is due to physiological disorders, you need to be examined by the relevant specialists (cardiologist, endocrinologist, urologist).

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After the diagnosis is made, the doctor will prescribe the treatment of the underlying disease..

The psychological component of violations requires the intervention of a psychologist or a sexologist. Psychotherapy sessions will help to cope with psycho-emotional instability.

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